Productions and Installations

Proximityworks creates artistic productions and installations in emerging markets to reach a global audience.  We engage both business and non-profit sectors in collaboration with local and international talent for mutual benefit and profitability. We are committed to works that bring inspiration and cultural understanding. We are currently engaging in film, live stage, and fine art installations as well as educational programs. If you are interested in scheduling a production, installation or educational program feel free to contact us to find out more.

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Photography and Film Production

Proximityworks  produces quality documentary and narrative film productions. Our photographers and film crews are trained in interacting with various cultural sensitivities and work hard to understand their subjects and material.We are always on the lookout for inspirational stories that bring a fresh perspective. Have an idea?

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Live Stage Production

Proximityworks  produces professional theater and live music productions that engage the audience through sight and sound. We love to perform original and classical works for large and small audiences of any age.

Fine Art Installations

Proximityworks’ artists love to to create and interact with the public through art exhibitions and permanent installations. Our visual art professionals create works that aluminate and reflect beauty.

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Educational Programs

Proximityworks not only produces professional artistic works but is committed to bringing arts education to participating regions. Our international art professionals and interns are committed to share their expertise through local institutions and independent workshops. We are also lifelong learners who engage in cultural exchange events to grow as artists and broaden our understanding of new cultures.